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Summer Family Vacation

Hello Friends!! I am so excited to finally launch my webpage AND blog!! Since I have a full time job, this has been many, many weeks in the making. This is my second blog, so I decided to make it about ME! Okay, well not entirely about me. There will definitely be more pictures of my children and my nieces and nephew than me, but still. I wanted to give you the chance to know me and what I am all about. So there we are above! All 5 of my beautiful children (ages 14-4) and my amazing, kind, patient, man!! Whew! Thats a lot of people!! I am so blessed, thankful, lucky, appreciative that they all belong to me too! They are my reasons for everything.

Every year we try to take one family vacation. This year we decided to try a beach we had never been to before and we absolutely loved it! Miramar Beach, Florida (near Destin). If you have never been, I highly recommend going!! The water was so clear and the sand was so white! We could see the little fishies swimming around us in the ocean. The kids loved it. Due to Corona, a lot of places were closed or on restrictions, so we did not venture out too much. We did go out to eat or order take out from a few places. I highly recommend McGuires Irish Pub and Kenny D’s. My favorite place to go though was POMPANO JOE’s! It was located right on the beach. We walked there from the beach for lunch a few times and then went back to the beach for the rest of the day. We also ordered some delicious drinks from there and enjoyed those on the beach as well. 

On the last night there, we did our family photos. I had a lot of people ask me how in the world I got all 5 kids and Steve to agree to family photos while on vacation. The answer is- I didn’t give them a choice. Haha, joking…well, kinda. I actually told them before we even headed down to the beach that there would be one day that we were doing family pictures. I bought everyone coordinating outfits and showed everyone what they were expected to wear. The last day, I let everyone enjoy their day at the beach and pool and then about 2.5 hours before sunset, I told everyone it was time to get ready. They all got dressed within 30 minutes and we headed to the beach. I think it helped for them all to know ahead of time it was coming and it was an expectation, not an option. 🙂 

My 3 adorable nieces and nephew also got dressed up and let me take some pictures of them too!! After the pictures, I took all the kids swimming at the pool util it closed. It was our last night there and it was my reward to all 8 kids for doing such a great job during the photo session. To be honest, the pictures probably took less than 45 minutes to capture. It was a quick and easy!

Aren’t my nieces and nephew just so adorable!?!

After capturing these images, I can definitely see myself living at the beach and capturing these special moments all the time for families! But until that day comes, I will be hanging out in the Bluegrass state with my camera ready for anything that comes my way.

September 22, 2020

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Michelle Lynn