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Lake Salinda Salem, Indiana Senior Session

For the first 10 years of my life, I lived near Salem, Indiana. We moved to Kentucky when I was going into 5th grade. Of course most of my childhood memories take place during the days I lived in Indiana. One of those memories of my family and I going to church every Sunday and sitting with my God Mother. I have not talked to her much since moving to Kentucky, of course I was only in 5th grade and Facebook was not around back then. However, thanks to Facebook, we were able to reconnect many, many years later.

When my God Mother asked me to take her grandsons senior pictures, I was ecstatic!!! I had not done senior portraits before, but I definitely wanted to! Plus this was a special family to me and I knew we would get some great photos.

Kody is my god mothers grandson. He was only a few weeks old when his dad (Robbie) was in a tragic car accident where he did not make it. Every year, my god mother would put Kody in his dads leather motorcycle jacket and get some pictures. So, of course I knew I wanted to get one of those! I asked my god mother if she had any pictures she wanted to recreate with Kody from his dad, Robbie. Kody had inherited an old Red Ford truck that belonged to his dad and she mentioned a photo she would love to recreate with the truck. We met at Lake Salinda in Salem, Indiana and we got some great shots of Kody. He was so laid back and ready to smile or pose however we asked him. He has the kindest soul and I can tell he loves his Grandparents with all his heart. He will do big things after high school. Just wait and see.

The first picture is the one we recreated from his dad, Robbie.

Once we finished at Lake Salinda, we headed back to their house. It was getting dark, but we got a few shots of Kody with his dads motorcycle jacket. Which he has pretty much outgrown now! Then, my god mother told me about a tree in her back yard she wanted a picture with her and Kody standing by the tree. The tree was planted by her son, Kodys dad, when he was in Kindergarten on Arbor Day. The tree was so big and tall now. It was a very special picture to them. When I got home and edited the session, it was one of the first photos I sent to them. I couldn’t help but title it “Lean on me. When you’re not strong.” It just seemed so fitting.

To my God Mother and Kody, Thank you so much for trusting me to capture these photos of Kody. His last year in high school! And thank you for trusting me to capture the sentimental photos for you all too (the truck, the tree, and the leather jacket). I loved getting to spend the day with you all. The kids loved the cookies, donuts, and brownies you sent home for them from H & R Bakery!! I may be back for more of those! 🙂

November 3, 2020

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Michelle Lynn