A FEW OF MY  Favorite Things!

1. Family time (We love playing catan & UNO!)
2. Ice Cream (cookie dough is my go to)
3. milk duds (i love carmel!)
4. massages (or anything that involves pampering myself)
5. bread (i pick places to eat based on their bread!)
6. Beach Vacations (Who doesn't love the beach!?)

a few of my Least favorite things!

1. coffee (I do not like the smell of it)
2. waking up early (i am more of a night owl)
3. Vegetables (I know, i know! not very healthy!)
4. Milk in my cereal (I liked it dry!)

Mom of 5 amazing children and 2 cute doggies (a black & tan coon hound & teacup pom).

I am really good at cooking things like pizza rolls, chicken nuggets, ramen, or mac and cheese!

When I first started photography, I thought it would just be something I would do on the side. But it quickly became something more than a side job. I absolutely love doing what I do!! My favorite type of photography and what I specialize in, is Boudoir. So if you've ever been interested in some amazing, sexy photos- check out my BombShell Boudoir Website!!

Michelle Lynn

Michelle Lynn