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A Kentucky Wedding in Red, White, & Blue

Venue- My Old Kentucky Home

August 22, 2020

This was the first day I met this kind and joyful couple in person. I was fortunate enough to tag along with another photographer, JX Photography, to Kasey & Owen’s wedding. It was an absolute beautiful Kentucky Wedding day, despite the few minutes of rain we had.

Like most people, I tear up at every wedding I have ever been to, but this wedding had me holding back tears all day long!!!

One of my favorite things about this Kentucky wedding was how much fun everyone had! In order for me to love and serve Kasey &. Owen, a few days before the wedding I sent Kasey a questionnaire. One of the questions I asked was, if she was up to try a few “fun” pictures that I was wanting to add to my portfolio. Of course she said, “Yes!” So, when we arrived with the camera in one hand and a bottle of champagne in the other, it was game on!! What a fun experience for us all! After a couple practice runs with a half bottle of champagne, we were able to capture these fun robe pictures (and tons of giggles) of Kasey and her bridesmaids!

Not only were the girls all for having fun, but the guys too!! One groomsmen suggested getting some pictures of Owen “running away” while they all tried to run after him. Of course I was all for it!! But was also like, “Wait…Will your Bride be mad about these?!” Once I was reassured she wouldn’t hate this idea, I grabbed some fun groomsmen shots! We even got the whole bridal party together to do a jumping shot! A few tried to pose in the “Luigi Pose” or “Running Man” as I called it. Can you pick out the groomsmen who attempted the Luigi Pose/Running Man?!

I enjoyed all the fun in this wedding, but also I definitely enjoyed the details! The wedding colors were Red, White, and Blue which was so perfect because Owen had recently joined the Kentucky State Police Academy! How awesome is he?! Of course, all the guys were decked out in Red, White, & Blue from head to toe (literally)! They even had some pretty awesome socks on!!

Speaking of socks!! Check out Kasey’s custom made socks. And yes, you are seeing that right… that is her grooms face on them!

The first time I teared up was during one of my favorite moments as a wedding photographer- the first look! The venue, My Old Kentucky Home, has some absolute beautiful sites. One being a garden. Owen and I walked to the garden to position him in the perfect spot where he would not see his bride. He turned towards me with the biggest smile on his face the whole time we were waiting. I could tell he was excited because he kept clinching his hands and asking me, “Is she coming?” and every time we heard a noise, “Is that her!” As Kasey finally rounded the corner, Owen’s smile was so big and his eyes were beyond happy and excited.

As soon as Kasey turned Owen around, he was happy and teary eyed to see his beautiful Bride, finally! He told her how beautiful she looked and then pulled her in close for an intimate, long hug. *Cue my teary eyes*

Luckily for us, the weather forecast was wrong for this Kentucky Wedding Day. It had originally said rain ALL day. But it ended up only raining for a short period of time. Another favorite moment during this wedding was oddly enough- when it rained! It was almost perfect timing. We had just finished the First Look photos when the sprinkling started. We ran to a small covering nearby where we thought we would be stuck until the rain stopped. But then… Groomsmen to the rescue (and Kasey’s awesome planning and bringing umbrellas)!! It was awesome seeing all the gentlemen walking the Bride and the other ladies with the umbrellas to keep us from getting rained on! The rain actually held off for the rest of the day! It was as perfect as it should have been.

This wedding was special because we got to do TWO first looks with the bride!! The first one, obviously, being with the Groom. The second one was with Kasey’s grandmother who is very important to Kasey. Grandma cried. Kasey cried. Kasey’s mom cried. *Cue my teary eyes*

Once the ceremony started, tears were flowing from everyone! Every groomsmen gave Owen a big congratulation hug before taking their spot next to him. As the bridesmaids walked down, if they were not already in tears, they were about to be because Here comes the bride!! As Kasey began walking down the aisle, Owens face was all I needed to see to *cue my teary eyes*. Anyone who was not already teary eyed, was suddenly pulling out tissues.

Of course after all the fun we had- the reception did not disappoint!! The day started and ended with fun and laughter. It was definitely a beautiful day, even with the 20 minutes of rain.

To Kasey & Owen,

The moment I saw the two of you together, I could truly feel how much you loved each other. The way Owen looks at you, Kasey, would make any girl jealous- (even the girl from “The Notebook”). He admires, adores, and respects you just like a husband should. Seeing the two of you together made me believe in true love all over again. Thank you for trusting me with your most valuable memories. I hope you enjoy seeing your wedding day through my lens as much as I enjoyed seeing it with my own eyes.

Be Happy, Be Grateful, and Love Each Other Well- Like I know you will!! May God Bless You Both!

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day,

Michelle Lynn Photography

September 21, 2020

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